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I did not catch this fish and the person who did is not in the pic. Unofficial but weighed at Capn Norms at 103 lbs and 50". Biggest paddlefish ive ever seen in my life for .
On a sweltering summer day in 2010, Christine Warren stepped into a 24-foot canoe and paddled toward a goal that she never previously imagined possible.
Snagging offers anglers an opportunity to battle with one of the most primitive and bizarre-looking freshwater creatures in North America -- the illusive paddlefish.
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Mathematics of paddlefish forum gymnastics General Math discussion . Circular motion when the gymnast is spinning, tension and torque when the gymnast is using ropes, potential and kinetic .
halflife formula General Math discussion . And "h" is halflife. ?If so,then the first is the correct paddlefish forum one. Daniel.
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